Wednesday, 23 February 2011


'Are you sure we didn't get a letter?'

'Yep. Oh there's nothing in that pile I went through that the other da- oh!'


  1. Juat been catching up on your news. Bugger!

  2. Yikes...... are you packing your pants as I type?...

    Nearly time for camping adventues with your sproglets... very educational....

    I'm not helping, am I?

  3. Do you know that notice is just notice not really a date that you HAVE to move out by? You can dig your heels in, keep paying your rent and wait for the landlord to got to court for a possession order. That gives you another month....and if you want to be really shitty you can just ignore that date too and sit and wait until they go back to court for a date for a bailiff to come and enforce the order which can be anything between 14 and 28 days.

    Believe it or not, this is the advice that CAB and local authorities are currently giving tenants of all kinds, some of whom are tenants of properties that Mr G and I manage through our business (Lettings and property management - can't say the name but we are about the only honest folks in the business in our county).

    I think that waiting for a possession date is fair enough if you can't find anywhere to move to but leaving it until bailiffs turn up is probably a little unwise. At the very least you have 3 months to sort yourself out a new place or wave the flag of unintentional homelessness in the face of your hosing people (possibly not something you want to consider but if needs must a some point...) email me if you want more info. It's elfinthegarden at yahoo dot co dot uk

  4. T: ish...

    L: can't help thinking Barbara Windsor....

    p: thanks for this - had some similar advice today in the park so at least we can postpone panicking for a while but it IS time we left anyway - this is the boot up the backside we needed. If things do go tits up tho' I'll definitely get in touch! Good to know there's someone really In The Know.