Friday, 18 February 2011

More Pinny Smoothing Moments from The Smokingun Hearth

Hubby is away - drumming up some work from the shores of Dubai again til Wednesday. Two-Jack-Russells-and-a-Big-Cousin Boy is away at Nanny and Granddad's livin' it large til Tuesday. Minx is away at chums (and Doing Youthclub) til tomorrow. And so it's just me and my littlest 2 picklies. I can relax a bit and be all mumsy and.... liked. Doughnut/gingerbread man. Comics with the best freebies - an inflatable hammer and 3 little cars with launchers. A Comic Relief car nose - even if it is impossible to fix on. A baaaad cheapo DVD with a dinosaur on the cover. Popcorn smothered in icing sugar. And pizza. Ohhh yeahhhh - 2 kids are like SO EASY!!!

It's nearly bedtime and I'm getting a bit overexcited at the prospect of A WHOLE EVENING TO MYSELF. Once I've got them to sleep that is. But - The Choice????!!!!

The Bath. The Book. The Tree. The Tutenkhamen Cushion Cover. The Piano - (on DVD I mean....) The Piano! - I could you know - we got headphones on it we have. The Song. The Cabinet. The Previous Life Bags/Boxes. Reggae night on BBC3 (or 4). The Scrapbooks.


But...... being such a blissful 1950's model of domesticity, I kind of have to hide some stuff first. Non-stick baking trays with pizza bases welded on. I'm such a Nigella. Cereal bowls encrusted with concrete (or this morning's Weetabix to some). Every cup I possess all ringed with brown. A mountain of boyness in their room we have to squeeze past. A carpet of Lego in the living room along with about a dozen not-put-away-after games and cushions and blankets and probably creatures.

Think I might just go to bed.

Well..... noone's going to wake me up tonight when I've fallen asleep getting them to sleep. And noone's going to make me a cup of tea and show me something they taped off the telly earlier cos they thought I might like it. And nooone else is going to sweep away the memories of my culinary triumphs.........

Ahhh well..... Even if I just pull the newspaper I bought out of the shopping bag it WOULD be a triumph. A newspaper? Yes. You see I told you I had got all overexcited.

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