Saturday, 12 December 2009

My Internet's Still Connected So...

So I'm going to keep up the twaddle til it crashes again.

Today I stuck up almost everything we've ever made at Xmases Past - including fabulous hand-print angels on a string which just seem to get better every year - hand-print wings and dresses and totally wonderful faces of every colour - green, blue, pink, purple...some with huge black teeth, some with beards, big hair, no hair.... I would never be able to make something that wild and wonderful - something 'logical' would kick in and spoil it. And the artist herself, now age 10 probably couldn't recapture that creative explosion now either.

My logic obviously sparked the paper dolly chains of penguins with cotton wool pad tummies. Excess black card left over from Halloween was, I recall, one factor. These get dragged out every year too but this is the first time I've wondered what the bloody hell have penguins got to do with Xmas?

I think we had an excess of cotton wool pads then too. Must have switched to wet wipes that year.

How the magic is lost when the haze of baby-tending turns to stone cold refereeing.

And when the little bastards keep finding my secret stashes of chocolate coins.

'Are these for our stockings?'

'Oh I always buy some just in case Father Xmas gets held up or something"


Anyway...I sort of get polar bears. North Pole. Which reminds me - educational quiz:

Why can't polar bears eat penguins?

'Cos they can't get the wrappers off.


  1. i really would like to be nostaligic about the angels the kids made aged 3. they were based around a shuttlecock; the lacy end made the dress and the weighted end made the head. they were awful. the tree looked like a advert for a badminton squad.

  2. But it's such a good idea at the time!