Monday, 28 December 2009

Less is More

I've not gone soft already but I am resolved to do a little less of what my Father-in Law calls 'slinging a few fucks about' (in his case it's when dealing with builder's merchants). This is no born-again responsible parent guilt, it's just that instead of coming across as as Miss Tourette of 2009 I shall limit my obscenities for the sake of dramatic impact. I believe a well-placed wank is worth a blanket of shits.

All hail the new clean me.

Don't expect any less venom when required. Just trying to be more effective in my spite.


  1. i too, mme sg, shall try and join you in this holy endeavour. i suspect dig blames me for daughter's happy chanson last night, including the refrain 'she's bloody pissing me off again'. lyrical and lovely.

    and why do they scribble over the wooden toys? those handcrafted delights cost a sodding fortune.

  2. I really do want to get rid of all these things - everything I ever held in esteem. I feel I am getting closer to my inner Spartan but it's the little everyday objects that catch me out - I have a seriously debilitating carrier bag habit, a basketful of small pieces of plastic packaging that might look good on a rocket, Amazon 'envelopes' that would make wonderful scrapbook covers.....Oh god help me! I so very nearly threw away a (came free with...) skate bag with a broken zip but found myself stooped over the bin yanking and yanking until I had fixed it. And as for all the loose batteries - I put them in a separate bag marked - For Testing.

    Expensive wooden pieces of recreating-the-childhood-I-never-actually-had heaven just remind me now of what a deluded mug I was for parting with the rent money in the first place. Glad to get rid of my embarrassing mistakes there.

    Chad Valley is proudly on show now.

    When I think of the wasted hours trying to find stripy candy cane for the Xmas stockings........ Did you ever have candy cane in your stocking as a kid?

    I'm so easily led.