Friday, 22 July 2011

Think Of Me...

'Twas the night before Hesfes and all was.... a bit too damn quiet. Cos I'm the only idiot still up. Not quite packed...

5 pairs of wellies between 6 of us.

3 pairs of complete crocs - 1 of which are an undesirable colour (white) for a boy (hand-me-downs from big sis who's nicked mine). Possibly have the makings of another 2 pairs.... if I had the gene that DID things instead of THOUGHT about doing things...

5 sleeping bags.

1 properly strung and undamaged guitar. Forgot to get my old one done up. Mr RB's old one seriously battered. Will be fighting over our one decent one. Mr RB will win. I'll stick with me shaky eggs and washboard - if I can be bothered to find it tonight. I won't remember in the morning. Not sure where me thimbles are..... (teaspoons aggravate my arthritis.)

1 spare wheel still in boot as Kwik Fit didn't put it back properly about 3 months ago - and I haven't got that gene.... It's buried under layers and layers (sedimentary, metamorphic, igneous.....) of filth and crisp wrappers. Will need special tools to unearth it.

Taking 4 bikes. Bike rack carries 3. Not being good at maths I said yes.

Hoping just 3 pairs of pants will be plenty for Little Rock Godling. He'll probably just stick with/to the 1 pair anyway. Think all his others may have disintegrated.... possibly whilst still on him...

Maybe another 2 sessions of reading and I'll have finished my book. Do I take it anyway, plus a replacement - or just a new one and finish the other when I get back - or take it and hope someone else will do the same with theirs and swap....? Hmmmmn - Minx might be near the end of hers.... Will she want to read all about Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe's trials and tribs? Double hmmmnn.... I am waiting to get my mits on her Caitlin Moran book - it might just work...

Really should be in bed. Kids all excited and couldn't sleep - did 'the sooner you go to sleep, the sooner you'll wake up and it'll be...' old pat. Maybe that's why I'm not in bed yet. Just prolonging the agony... My optimistic half is quite buoyant about the whole tents-in-the-rain camaraderie stuff. I'm sure the monkeys are gonna have a ball. I've got my tribal members around me. It's just that other side of my face that is looking like a lemon's just stuck its tongue down my throat.... If my Mr Roving Blade is proved right with his bad weather and badder tofu forecasts.... I may as well just stick my head in the fold-out camping stove right now. He's unbearable when he's right!!!

But, as Trish @ Mum's Gone to... would be delighted to hear, I've packed the duck tape so I'm sure I can handle any dodgy situation that presents itself. Thinking up plenty of ways to use the sticky silver wonderstuff already. 'What's that kids? Muffled noises? Where's Daddy? Oh.... he's a bit tied up at the moment...'

Feeling quite ready for bed now.

(Poor Mr RB.... He's a sensitive little soul. Misunderstood. Doesn't deserve such a dreadful family. Musta dun sumfing reeeeaallllly eeevil in a former life.)

Did something pretty bad in this one - married me.

Think of us kindly when we are gone.....


  1. You might not possess the gene that does things rather than just think about them nor the gene that sorts out spare wheels but you've got the funny gene in spades.

    My husband is keen to know how you will use the duck tape: reports please once you return.

  2. Hope the weather stays fine so hubby not proven correct - I hate that too! Can always use duck tape to patch up the holes in the tent after the hailstones have ripped it...... Oh, didn't you hear about that weather on it's way... Oops!

  3. wow...brave....rain plus canvas has me all in a tiz.....without class As camping just isn't humanly possible I'm afraid and those days are long gone!!!

  4. Skaky eggs and washboard, I'm playing them in my mind as I'm reading this. Have a brilliant time and I know you'll find all manner of uses for that duck-duct tape, whether it be torrential rain (lifeboats bandaging up) or shine (keeping peely bits from the sun)

  5. Found out that the most important item required at HESFES this year was the gaffa tape.

    I should have only packed ds1 one pair of pants because the rest came back unscuffed despite daily reminders and the occasional motherly humiliation.

  6. Duck tape uses: 1) Sticking fairy lights to guy ropes. Unfortunately the fairy lights ran out of batteries almost immediately, and then Mr RB couldn't get them off again. That stuff is STICKY. 2) Making a flat-ended hammer rounded for bashing on a circle of copper to make a bowl - by the time I'd done this a round-ended hammer materialised anyway. Also took some time to get the tape off the first hammer. 3) Re-sticking battered bunting from our camp's banner. Not quite so pretty as it might have been. 4) A nice bracelet for a few hours after the hammer adventures.

    As for the rest of the camping experience.... it's only been 2 days since I've been back. Still kissing the walls.