Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Who Knows Where the Time Goes........

Across the purple skies.......

Bless you Sandy you knew wot wos wot.

I can't put my perpetual startled expression and whiney 'That CAN'T be the time!' so poetically. Suffice to say - I don't seem to have time to scratch my arse at the moment. Told you I wasn't so poetic.

Too many things in my head - well passing thro' the space between my ears anyway. My Dad used to say if a thought found its way into my head it would soon get lonely and leave. I may have said this before. Not only do stray thoughts pass through like misty trains (is that more poetic?), my memory for them, or what I have/haven't said already, what I have/haven't done is completely lost in that mist.

All I do know is that I'm not keeping up with myself. And I'm a bit tired. And a bit ponder-y. And it's that time of year again - I bring it on myself I know. But those Advent Fairies of mine have got less than 2 weeks to produce 96 delightful little secrets every morning. But it's also that time of the year that I get tireder. I don't like the short days - the early darkness seems to make me think that 'productive time' is over - and I get all slumpy and cardigany and just want chocolate on a permanent drip. I think I am a permanent drip.

But now it's bedtime for annoyingly bouncy boys. Time for more Gary Larson cartoons (Little Rock Godling's favourite). The Far Side indeed. Been there. Never quite made it back. But snakes in pinnies and poodle-head hunters are a blessed relief from bloody children's books. Obviously apart from the one I am writing (when do you do that then Mrs? Oh ... when I'm asleep). Off I go. Wish me luck. I'll be back downstairs in about 2 hours with Ken Dodd hair and pins and needles having fallen asleep halfway thro' a sentence with 2 monkeys draped across my head.

Up the wooden hills to Bedfordshire...... down Sheet Lane to unremitting insanity.

Night night my lovelies......

I must find the time to bloody blog again. Orrr.... Did I do that already?


  1. I get the grumps in the winter too but I've found a slight cure for my brain fuzz. One tablet of Jarrow Forumlas B12 every other day and I am able to hold a few related thoughts in my brain for more than a millisecond. Good for getting stuff done too instead of wandering in the mist feeling like I just need to hide in a hole and hope it all disappears.

    Ebay keeps telling me how many days it is til Christmas and it isn't making me happy at all. Roll on New Year! No palaver, no drama, no disappointment or expectation.

  2. A Gary Larson fan! Yippee! We initiated Rory into the Far Side cartoons a few years back - he loved their complete daftness.

  3. The Far Side's an inspired choice for bedtime reading. The Boy's asking for Tank Girl but at age five I feel even a smattering of bare boobs is wrong and suspect he can already recognise the word 'f*ck'.
    Nice blog. No. It's not 'nice', really, is it? Like your style, though.

  4. i would sympathise with the cold dark days if i could. really. i am there in my spirit. if it helps, i will soon post a picture of the chanel shop window with all the fake snow.

  5. p: Yes vitamins. Problem: like Professor Branestawm who has one pair of glasses just for looking for the other pairs, I need vitamins to boost my memory to remind me to take the vitamins. Solution: act so badly that Mr GPants scuttles off to the kitchen and comes back with them in his hand.

    T@MGt: The Far Side is WAY preferable to ANYTHING else we have stacked up in the boys' bedroom. Explaining some of them is funny in itself. Explaining the sperm attacking the egg ones is probably funny only to me. Ah well....

    em: Bare boobs and 'f*ck's abounding.... sounds like my blog! Probably not great bedtime reading either. BTW - Hello!

    G: Fake snow??? In Hong Kong??? Surreal. I had ice INSIDE the car windscreen the other morning. What did I do? Scraped it off and drove to the ice rink. Like - duuuuhhhhh......

  6. I too have a sieve-like memory for tablet taking but needing the ones that stop me getting another DVT have kind of cured me of it. I take the B12 when I think of them or when I have a doozy moment.

    Today's tablet was popped after I took the tub of split lentils out of the cupboard, took the lid off and pulled out the washing machine powder drawer instead of taking the lid off the saucepan to add them to the soup.

    Some days are really that bad!

    Keep smiley

  7. How did the washing turn out?

    Well I still haven't put the milk bottles in the airing cupboard like my mum. But that would be weird as we don't have milk bottles. Or an airing cupboard. Maybe I shouldn't have started this.... Where's me tablets?