Monday, 19 July 2010

The Bitch Is Back! - Again...

Back from Seeking Answers from the Great Beyond.

Back from the Bacton Gas Terminals resort.  

Where the tide doesn't go out til about 2.00 in the afternoon,  so you have ....... concrete and sea.    And with 5 children  (yep  -  I sold 1 for the week but gained 2 more)  to entertain we had to rely on the shelf-ful of unheard-of indecipherable board games and the typical library of holiday house books.    Tarby On Showbiz was a belter.

But then..... I wasn't looking for excitement.    Merely enlightenment.    And some stones with holes in.

Stepping outside the slightly damp symphony of beige patterned chalet,   hanging on to one's hair for fear of it being ripped from one's skull by the fresh summer East Anglian breeze,   and finding the perfect spot from which to launch one's precious family down onto the finally revealed sand several hundred feet below the  'promenade',   one frees one's mind of all daily clutter and contemplates the infinite.

Such as  -  'Who the bloody hell organized this bloody holiday?'

But funnily enough  -  I kind of enjoyed it.

And I even  'started'  (again)     *  *     M y       B o o k    *  *      -  oh yes!         Oh yes I  DID!  

I'm   Breakin'   Through!!!            I'm   Bendin'   Spoons!!!

Albeit in a tiny A6 notebook with a scratchy biro  -  but I have started something.    Worked out some squiggly illustrations.    Scribbled out a couple of babbling sentences.    I'm well on my way.    But should I really sweat about my art work?  Spend another couple of years worrying about my lapsed life drawing skills?    Stall some more because I'm  NOT GOOD ENOUGH?    (Here we go again.....)


             .......... I asked the sea.

It told me to piss off and take responsibility for my own decisions.

Bastard North Sea.    I bet the Atlantic would be more helpful.  

Well  -  whatever.    Decided to live with being a bit crap and do it anyway.

I'm Keepin' Flowers in Full Bloom!!!!

And as you may be able to tell I have reconnected with REM  -  everyone has to have a holiday CD to drive the kids bonkers.    Played it loud and pretended to be a muppet   ALL  the way home.      Even during the unscheduled 3-hour  appreciation of the Dartford Crossing stop.

Then finally reached my dear old welcoming family shack.    It smelled of wee.

I'm Pushin' an Elephant up the Stairs.................


  1. I too have shared my love of REM with my son who, aged 10, used to giggle at the "shit so thick you could stir with a stick".

    I agree it has been windy in this neck of the woods. Good for the washing. Pass the pegs.

  2. Yey! Hooray for you! Glad that bastard north sea didn't put you off. I often ask the sea too. It tells me it will keep on going in and out, in and out regardless of what I do.

    Glad you had a "good" break.

  3. Well..... windy but wet windy. Made the mistake of doing some hand-washing. Weather no go. But the kitchen inventory included a 'spin dryer'. How exciting!

    It smoked. It smelled. And after all 5 kids had had a 'go' riding the bucking bronco beast around the kitchen, we decided to strap it back into retirement. Flapped the wet things around the house instead. Took 4 days to dry in the damp beigeness.

    Dirty brown was the new black.

    Kind of described the sea too. Like cold cappuccino. Brown - with froth.

    But hey - we was 'appy.

  4. Ah ha! A book? Excellent and draaaaarings too. Glad you had an inspiring hols. I'm in awe of you with 5 sproglets!

    I wasn't aware that the Dartford Crossing was rivalling Buck Palace for interesting sites in the UK!? I'm going to get on 'tinternet right now to book some tickets for my family. Thanks for the tip!!

  5. Oh you'll have a ball!

    Yes - The Book. Been 'started' and 'worked on' several times over the last 8 or 9 years. Then 2 years ago I got serious. Called it my Two Year Plan - or 2YP. Decided I really needed to do some good 'foundation' work - ie keep all my kids' scribblings/doings books up to date, and my scrapbooks, and my own drawing, and the diary. And obviously do lots of research. Yeah - you guessed it. That all adds up to doing NUFFIN!!!

    So - the New Dynamic Me is going to be the Old Crap Me - and just live with it!

    Be a Bit Crap and Do It Anyway! - My new motto!