Saturday, 18 June 2011

With Our Luck....

The Bad News: bloody parking fine in the customer's car park of the shop in which I was a customer. Can't be bothered with the details but they ain't gettin' no money off me!

The Good News: got a bike! Free! Off my mum. Been in her garage for a few years.

The Bad News: cost over £50 to get new wheels and inner tubes and someone to do it for me 'cos I'm a lazy trollopp.

The Good News: got the year's Bike Care Plan ('cos I'm a lazy trollopp) for half price as I was too slovenly to pick it up when I should've and they had a special offer on the day I finally showed up.

The Bad News: it's still in the garden being rained on as I'm a lazy ..... and not going out in the rain to get it.

The Good News: my boys (big and small) who'd been off camping in France for that interminable footie tournament thing are back alive and ....alive.

The Bad News: I have to do the Fathers Day Family Fun Prize-Giving Hell instead on Sunday (as per bloody usual). Mr Roving Blade has done his footie duty he thinks. He also reckons that as it's Fathers Day he can do what he likes. Unreasonable.

The Good News: my Minx won The Ice Bowl Trophy (Level Two) at the End of Seasons Competition up at the rink last Sunday - yay Minxie!!! She looked so beautiful!!!

The Bad News: no room on the cup for her name. Have to give it back to get an extra plinth stuck on.

The Good News: she then went on to win the last monthly Spin Spiral Jump Competition they do at Skate Club which meant she also won the over-all SSJ Champion of the year. Another cup! And we get to keep this one. (Note the use of the word 'we'.)

The Bad News: another parking fine for having my back wheels over onto a long and empty taxi rank outside another branch of the same bloody shop as the last parking fine. Have decided that close association with Iceland is bad luck and will avoid them now forever.

The Good News: free kids meal deal at rink this week. Not that they ate it.

The Bad News: rain stopped play for this weekend's planned 'Pre-Solstice' rampage on Bexhill's beach today. Did I mention the gale force winds....

The Good News: I get a longed-for day in. (Apart from having to pick up Minx from ....somewhere later.... I must text her..)

The Bad News: I really need to change the beds and now I have no excuse.

And to finish - The Good News: will step away from the 'pooter now and give you all a break from my tediums.

Go and watch The Supremes on YouTube instead.


  1. The Good News seems to be slightly ahead in the count there but I imagine that the bad news weighs a bit heavier.

    Go Minx on skates! I am in awe of acrobatics on blades - or even just skating at speed. Maybe I started learning it to late?

    Mother's day is always forgotten in this house so Father's day doesn't happen either. Doing what they like for a day? If only we mummies could do the same. There is always something isn't there? Like pay for a parking ticket or two......

  2. Hhmmmmmnnnn - well this year he has got out of the footie thing by actually having to work (and my parking habits do kind of necessitate the earning of money) so I haven't even got a high horse to spit from. (Being in the wrong makes me even more grumpy than being righteous.)

    But hey - I've just looked at the weather forecast and we might get rained on by 1 O' clock (hope hope) so I'm praying that will happen and curtail the 'fun' proceedings while Mr RB's weather will supposedly last until 4 O'clock - meaning he should get the job done.

    WITH MY LUCK? Maybe!!!