Monday, 11 April 2011

'Ere Pete, I can see your 'ouse from 'ere!

So we're packin' up, headin' out an' makin' a fresh start ......... 800 yards down the road.

Been allowed after all. Quite remarkable seein' as how we rang up again today demanding they come and fix our boiler AGAIN........ But hey.

It's not exciting. We'll be a bedroom short. There's a damp wall which I guarantee will never be fixed. There will be farm workers wandering about around our hedgey borders all day and a butcher's shop 4 paces from the back door (until that moves off to the next village at some time unspecified). It's still bleedin' oil fired heating. I'll have to work out how an aga works - if at all. And I'm not sure if there's a shower - despite there being 2 bathrooms. Odd that. One pink and one avocado. Ooh - bagsy the avocado one! And we'll drive past our old house everytime we go anywhere - which'll be weird.


..... like tonight, the monsters can rampage about as late as they like outside and noone will be tutting over the fence about bedtimes and school-in-the-morning etc. And that lack of tutting in my book is worth a million sets of nice curtains.

Now all we've got to do is work out how to get down there with all our crap.

Bibbety bobbety boo ....... !!!!!


  1. Hi, Jody here, came over from "Trish - MUm's gone to" after reading your hilarious comment! That's a tricky one moving 800ft because it feel like you could walk your stuff down but you can't. Dilema. When I lived in Gloucestershire we had a large avocado bathroom. Funny the rolling hills and wondrous views fade from memory but the avocado tiles do not...

  2. The thought of an avocado bathroom fills me with nostalgia (and that's not necessarily a good thing!). I have an aga - it's great for shoving soup or casserole -ey thing in the simmering oven (the bottom one!) early in the morning and it is all ready and lovely when you come home from work/school/gym/shops/pole dancing classes

  3. Avocado bathrooms are trendy again you know - you're ahead of the curve!

    Hope it all goes well....the whole 800 yards. Could you do a chain gang - pass stuff down the line?

  4. About...: Hello, Good Evening and Welcome! Yes we have finally decided to actually get a proper removal lorry thing after all - with proper removal men ( big thanks to my mum's purse). Mr Roving Blade was going to hire a van for a few days and bribe his dad to help but was already dropping things like 'what with my elbow' into conversations. Now THEY can worry about getting our mental bed constructions out of the midget house. I'll make the tea.

    Diney: I already know 2 pole dancing chums - so do I now know 3? Something else to give the postman a good start to the day huh? Not sure anything I put in an aga would be much looked-forward-to. Unless it's a pair of boots than need drying out. Can it do toast?

    Deer B: What was that film with that actor - you know - when the whole village passed bottles and bottles of something along to a secret place so the Germans couldn't find it? Oh someone'll know! Santa Christa something? I just tried to google that - nope. Tried to google another film I know the actor was in but couldn't remember that title either.... La something. OH hang on...Guns of Navarone - yes Anthony Quinn - bear with.... The Secret of Santa Vittoria YES I got there!! I love google! And the other film was La Strada. Phew - I can go to bed happy now.

    Who'd have thought avocado bath suites were so evocotive eh?