Friday, 18 March 2011

Smacked Arse

Minx to Me: I'm bored.

Me to Minx: Go and write your book then.

Minx to Me: I've lost it.

Me to Minx: You can't've lost it! I've just blog-bragged about you!!

Minx to Me: Thbleeuuggghhhhhh........

Me to Minx: Bloody kids! No discipline! No pride in one's work!

Minx to Me: What are you doing? Is that chocolate? I thought you said we didn't have any? You're always telling us not to lie!

Me to Minx: Shut up and help me stuff these binliners full of the boys' toys in the back of the car before they see them and if they ask where any of it is tell them you saw the fairies playing with it in the back garden last night and they must've forgotten to bring them back and while you're at it text Daddy that Mummy's wasn't well today and couldn't go shopping so can he do it on the way home and not to expect the kitchen done 'cos I was looking up houses and go and get me another chocolate from the herbal tea box.

Minx to Me: I don't want tooooo...... I'm bored and I'm so tired I need to just lie on the settee for a while. And I'm staaaaaarving.

Me to Minx: Honestly child where DO you get it from!


  1. I couldn't stuff my chocolate in the herbal tea box - it would make it smell too citrusy. Unless there has never been any herbal tea in said box??

  2. Choc-lit in the tea box.... that's waaaaay to obvious!

  3. I just like the idea of pretending to be good: herbal tea on the outside, dark chocolate mint creams on the inside. I just wish I could translate that to my personal presentation to the world. Unfortunately my current look is: chocolate on the outside, more chocolate on the inside. Something to do with the jeans not doing up anymore and the brown moustache perhaps... and the mad staring eyes - chocolate seeking missiles.