Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Say it Again.......

OK - I think I've got it pretty well pinned down - it's just that the rest of the world hasn't quite got the capabilities to understand my explanation of it.

I'll do me best........

What goes up must have a better view but may not appreciate this and so must necessarily come back down all the same and, evidently, also goes around. It then naturally comes around, except when you are waiting for it, and if you don't look at it, it might just stop for a quick quantum fag until the speed of lighter fuel runs out. Upon which particle of truth we can depend on the perpetual lack of boiling supervised water - because of its rapidly changing from a liquid to a vapour, thereby disappearing before our microscopic lenses, but is nonetheless simply moving from our understanding of reality in three dimensional space into an alternative dimension, because as we all know energy cannot die so there must be an ever-expanding universe of steam powered mass fuelled by the unquenchable thirst of the basic human need for habitual refreshment. This is known as the Rosie Lee Principle. It also explains what we once thought were inexpensive sets for Doctor Who in the 1970's, when the producers of the series were in actual fact replicating somewhat effectively the moisture-rich veil of the Cup O. T. astral clusters of this atmospheric phenomenon.

Now, you're probably wondering about the authenticity of my research. If indeed Einstein couldn't prove that the moon continued to exist if noone was looking at it, then I challenge anyone to prove that I have made any of this up. After much concentration over the course of many meditatively worshipped and most emphatically actual moons, I transcendentally and humbly became aware of the magnetic nature of the primitive human psyche to subconsciously draw information being projected from another reality by an alternative version of oneself with a higher-developed cranial wave-force. This still throws up the question of whether the particle-splitting nature of parallel universes allows the sharing of conscousness, whether partly in 'real' time or on a sliding scale of a warping 'time-share' basis, and whether indeed giving anyone, even yourself - or another spectrum's version of your'self' - a piece of your mind is in fact a solid idea. If, by any cultural notion, an idea can ever be described as 'solid'.

This also begs the question of, if you have messed up bigtime in this life, would you somewhere/sometime/somehow otherwise be considered a prophet of inspirational creativity in that otherwise free-from Earthbound-concensus of opinionated 'world'? A potential circling (and at the same time shapeless in a non-gravitational sense) deeply conclusive redemption?

That's pretty much it. If anyone has any questions on these revelatory theories, or on quantum ping or dwarf planets in the greenhouse equation, then do not hesitate to take the BBC to court. I shall be in my quarters contemplating the exciting new discoveries of midget gems in the sweetie tin.

Thank you my fellow devotees of the spiritual and tangible correlation of sugar and the mental well-being of the female breeding organism. I wish you all a very good night, or indeed, any time-sensation of your own choosing.

And in addition of course, any pain-relieving tablet of your own choosing.

Footnote to the above: hand notes are infinitely preferable to the untrained eye than the scrawlings of the cheesey foundation plates. As correlated and confirmed by Professors Peep and Toe.