Saturday, 18 December 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful.........


Six hours to get from 30 minutes away back home. No we're not going to buy a drink or any lunch - we have half a titchy bottle left and a packet of Twiglets. Get in the car. We'll be home in no time.......

Tap tap tap - Excuse me but the lady behind you asked me to tell you that one of your back wheels has frozen up and doesn't go round when you move forwards. Just sort of smokes.

Are you eating something? I can see him chewing! He's eating something! Last night's burger that you left in the car? Eugh.....


In the bowl darling - try to grab the bowl in time in future when you think you're going to hurl.

In the bowl! Not on me!! In the bowl!!!




  1. Roll in Monday.
    Iced bun on Tuesday.
    Hula Hoop on Wednesday.

    Snow rations. Not much oil left in the tanker either.

    Staying under the duvet the rest of the urchins. Might eat one.

  2. Oh I could really go an iced bun. Surely tastier than an urchin and easier on the teeth.