Sunday, 19 September 2010


Yesterday, still basking, the Super-Muvva-Glowy thing suddenly realised she'd forgotten one of her closest friend in the whole world's birthday.


Back to being the useless old slut of habit then.

* * * * Sorry C!!! * * HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! * * * *

And it's not the first time. I probably didn't need to tell you that.

I'm just crap at birthdays. And that other thing that begins with C that dare not speak it's name. I gave up the C-word cards many many years ago. And noone notices. Maybe I should just make a national announcement that I shall being doing the same with the B-word.

I know that just lame but...... it will save on text apologies. All apologies are lame really. Sorry.

Being organised ahead of time doesn't help at all. I've got piles of cards that were bought in advance but they still don't get sent. I'm too self-absorbed. Too busy lamenting about the ones I've recently forgotten to remember the next one around.

I used to make all my cards. I now buy them in bulk from that discount place. Even lowering my standards hasn't helped. I need to dump standards altogether I think. Like I dumped my standards of many things I once considered pride-worthy. Like......let's see now...... vocabulary, nutrition, hygiene, parenting..... Yes pretty much everything.

* * Sigh * *

Are Happy Birthday texts good enough? I'm happy with that but I'm weird about birthdays. Just wonder what normal people think about this?

Maybe I should find some.....

Does anyone know any?


  1. birthdays, i don't know what to do about them. it's like saying 'i survived another year'. you get the tear off diary date as a certificate then everyone screams and is sick on cake. that's it for the year. that's what everyone waited for. my heart's sinking already.

  2. Really hate those 'e-card singy Birthday, sorry I'm late cards.' Yuk. Rant over....


  3. The comment you've just written on my blog has made me laugh so much it's worth a thousand cards. Funny, funny lady x