Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Whole New World

My golden-skinned explorer Mr GPants is back from his adventures in the desert. Back from his misadventures on the seas (ie in the seas). Back from trying to take portraits of wilting children in 45 degree temperatures. De-steamed his large manly lens and evacuated the aeroplane food once and for all (I hope). He is now ready to focus on our finding somewhere else to live - and I sense that Dubai is no longer on the list - at least not in June/July/August/September. And we do have to live somewhere in June/July/August/September. But he has still 'had enough of this country', our grim winters, and what wiv the government stealing any money you do manage to make........(ad infin....) He has an intrepid spirit. A traveller's soul. A love of the exotic. A hunger for the sun. A yearning for culture.

Last night he clambers into bed all perky, apologises for taking so long but he's been looking at properties on the 'puter and announces in an enthusiastic tone: 'Maybe we should move to a totally different area.'

I could have pretended to be asleep. But relief that he's finally showing an active interest in moving and a spark of curiosity for his latest burst of inspiration make me peek out from the duvet:

'Like where?'



  1.'s quite exotic I hear..... ok, I'm really lying...

  2. Oh no not Norwich! Apologies to anywhere Norwichians who may be reading. Sussex is fab right? Has he got a touch of the old wanderlust then?

  3. Well it could be worse...(she says, trying to think of somewhere worse).

    I would recommend parts of Oxfordshire, but you'll need to send your kids out to work to afford a house there.

  4. i like norwich! it's got a great museum!

  5. It's OK. I punched him and feel confident that there will be no more talk of Norwich.