Monday, 14 June 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon.......... yes I must book one of those

SKY Sports Super Sunday News Roundup

On the Pitch:

Monkey Boy's team crashed out of the Quarter Finals in penalty shoot out drama.

But the boys dun good. Coming back from an early defeat with an unbreakable team spirit. Sort of. Obviously a solid right midfield. Keeper let an easy one in. (Not listening Not listening Not listening......)

On the Ice:

Minx back on the podium with a 3rd place.

Cross about her parallel but flung herself into the rest of the afternoon's flower flinging with great aplomb. Enough glitter hairspray in the atmosphere to mummify John Barrowman. Cheers and tears in equal bursts. Gorgeous girls all gathering to cuddle and 'awww' each other as results posted up. No bitchin' - disappointments hugged and lollipopped until everybody happy again. Really wonderful bunch.

Mummy cried, hid her red nose in her coffee cup and clapped lots. Lots and lots and lots. And swapped more over-the-boot-tights technology tips with fellow sequin shepherds. This is very important stuff.

Daddy slept in the car, or listened to the Grand Prix.

Back at Training Camp:

Nanny dished out the sweeties. Grandad mowed the lawn.

Little Rock Godling and Thuglet swung and flung golf clubs at each reappearing golf ball until each was once again hedge-bound. Then, at full-time headed back indoors and unearthed record-breaking numbers of previously undiscovered dinosaur body parts and arranged them for a detailed inspection across the freshly tidied bedroom.

And that's the end of another week of sporting highlights from the Scene of the Crime. The week ahead will bring arty endeavours to the fore. Monkey boy had already expressed his disdain. Minx has shrugged. The other two don't know what day it is. Mummy is full of enthusiasm which WILL bloody rub off. And is, in truth, looking forward to Thursday - her clutch control foot's day off.

Close my eyes and drift away........

But not too far. Don't tell anyone but I kind of like my kids.


  1. I'm about to inflict elderflower enthusiasm on my children...we WILL have a lovely time gathering blossom and making delicious elderflower fizz. Or else.

    Will keep you posted.

  2. Why do they wear the tights OVER the skates, Madame? Have noticed this on 'Strictly'. Is this a new thing? Why? Why?

  3. I believe it is to make their legs look longer......(or weirdly lumpier....) But then some like a big old white boot setting off a mini flamenco outfit. I'm not sure what I think. Long and lumpy or short and stumpy? It's a big decision obviously.

    You can get cool-looking boot covers too - like the girl in Sunday's competition who did a Wizard of Oz number and managed to make her skates look like short white socks in red ruby slippers - VERY cute. And some clever clogs wear over-the-boot tights in practice to keep their boots clean for competitions. Or indeed it could just be a huge money-making venture on the part of skating tights manufacturers (except I heard on the 'vine that the most well-known co has gone under.... so maybe crimes against parents' purses doesn't pay!)

    Ask me another.