Sunday, 21 February 2010

Madame at her Station

Mr Man has just sent me this picture for my profile thingy. Taken a couple of weeks ago after Minx had had her fun on my face - practicing her make-up techniques. Let her express herself I say.

He has just re-named me Lady Blah Blah.

Not sure if I think this is funny or not.

Not sure I look evil enough.

It's a start.


  1. You see, we're all at it now! Unleashing the inner tart. You look fabulous - eyes, hair, the lot! Is that hair your own?

  2. Aww... if only I looked half as good as that!

    I mean, sometimes I look wacky, but only because I have 3 days of food and general crud down my front, have lost the hairbrush (again) and cant find a matching pair of shoes.

  3. How galling! I had pictured you as a wizened, prematurely aged troll like myself. But you're actually - gasp! - really attractive!
    Now that I know you're a pretty lady, I don't think you should swear. It's not becoming, and you'll never get a boyfriend.

  4. Hate to disappoint but without my 10 year old stylist and bleached out computer screen lighting I am indeed a wizened prematurely aged troll. Usually found muttering to herself or swearing at small children in supermarket aisles wearing the same clothes I woke up in - wherever that may have been. Eating my way round the bread section leaving a trail for the abandoned (or simply embarrassed) minors in my charge, possibly with a tampon stuck halfway down my tights.

    My next post may indeed be a list of the worst behaved crimes I have perpetrated in supermarkets. Got me thinking again and that's never a good idea.

    As for the 'You'll never get a nice boy if you keep doing that' line my friend would say to her mother 'I don't want a NICE boy'.

    Maybe my next post could be things my cool friend has replied to her poor mother over the years. Sorry C - I am about to exploit our friendship shamelessly.

    ....Thinking again...............

  5. it is a fantastic image and i wish i could get away with that look.

    in fact, if the pink was grey, the hollow cheeks were saggy jowls, and the eyeliner became a double set of Asda luggage bags, that would be a dead ringer for me.

  6. Thank you all Thank you all

    If only this were real life.....

    T@MGt... Is the hair my own? Yes but the head isn't

    Bmf Matching shoes? Over-rated. Teach the sprog-things early - the oppression of presentability is to be challenged head on Crud is the new black

    nwbi Fuck off!

    dd Me too!

    G Asda darling! Sooo now!

    (nwbi Love you really.... )