Saturday, 16 January 2010

Real Life - over-rated

The Thaw. The resumation of Real Life. The crashing inevitability. Still late getting places. I'm still the same tedious person I was before New Year's Resolutions to be an entirely different and exciting spark. Still live in filth. Kids still got lice. So have I. Still have the same clothes on the shelf. Still hate them. And the tree?

Still not finished.

Why am I so predictable?

Everyone says they don't make New Year's Resolutions these days. I made 43. Does this mean I am a sad pedant? Or ridiculously optimistic? Or juvenile? Or so bad that I can effortlessly pin down at least 43 things about myself that I need to change?

Or just boring.

Or indeed all of the above. Yep that's the one.

It's alright for you - you need never visit this blogsite again - I have to live with me.

And lots of bits of newspaper - in neat tiny strips - kind of everywhere. For the next 3 years. I sat and studied my masterpiece in progress and worked out it needs at least another 15 hours of just construction - then there's the gesso - and the texturizing - and the painting - and varnishing? - and that doesn't include extra 7 hours of sitting and staring at it and deciding that it needs another nobble just there....... But it's on my list of NY's Res's. And I am a boring juvenile optimistic flawed pedant so........ here's to the next 3 years of tree-making. I promise that I won't mention it again - until it is finished. By then I should have learned how to do the pictures thing and I shall treat you all. ('All'? Tee hee..)

I'm sure I started this blog to share fascinating home educating issues etc but, just like my diary it has become another vehicle to blah bleugh blaaaaaaagghhhhh about me ME MMEEEE.

And that's another thing. I saw a programme about diaries and diarists fronted by Mariella Frostrup - repeatedly making the point that anyone keeping a diary over the age of 15 was a retarded self-absorbed loser with a massive ego problem - but it's kind of ok if you are Virginia Wolf. She didn't mention bloggers, Twitterers and Facebookers etc. But I'll put my hands up. Guilty as. I think it's good therapy. And cheaper than actually going TO therapy. And you don't have to read it do you?

Are you still here?

Get a life!


  1. mariella frostrup.

    somehow she has brought all my thinking to a stop.

  2. I can't even be bothered to make a funny insult out of her name - (which should be easy) - another one of my ingrained Tourette-y syndromes. But hey........ I'm obviously just jealous of her fabulous life-style which doesn't afford her time to write a 'got up, had coffee...' diary - just to read other people's.

    Well read this baby....... regenerated from cryogenic hibernation, flew to the moon, redesigned the Eiffel Tower, went back 60 million years in time and changed the course of evolution, composed a new symphony, stuck the atom back together, forged a plan for World Peace, saved the whale and solved the National Debt. After elevenses we .....

    You could find this on any random page of any home-based parent I'm sure.

    Who's the Mummy now????

  3. Frostrup. Sounds a bit like Tosspot. Only a little bit, admittedly. Erm... This making-an-insult-out-of-her-name thing is hard!

  4. Don't bust a gut now - Tosspot is just dandy!

    Spooky seeing your name here as I found you the other day (thro a blog that was thro a blog etc - you know......) and immediately perked up. I had been trawling thro the some of the Mummy bloggers and despairing of the playground tut tut tutting from which I long ago escaped and there you were - bitter, desperate, feral, spiky, fantastic! And very very funny - I hate you already.

    Just one thing I'm worried about - what's ironing?

    (Should have really said this on YOUR comments page - maybe Salmonella Tosspot was right after all - I am obviously totally self-absorbed.)

    Anyway, back to me.......

  5. Bless you, MSG. And the feeling's mutual. Anyone who wants to 'tear down [her] mother's anaglypta all the way to the dado rail' is a friend of mine!

  6. So THAT's how you spell anaglypta. Thank you.