Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Careful What You Wish For ..... it might be good

I wanted to postpone 'real life' again - for just one week and even secretly hoped it would snow again so I could do just that and guess what....... Tee hee. Sorry everybody.

But at 10 year's old it's suddenly not the done thing anymore - snow. 'Cos you can't go to the ice-rink tomorrow, or stay over at Nanny and Grandad's. Stupid Mummy won't get in the car. And the tyre's still flat.

And everything is stupid.

Until Daddy carelessly suggests you build your own ice-rink in the garden by filling up the paddling pool. Ha ha haa...

I've never seen her move so quick. Except on ice.

It's not enough to to be playing Bach preludes of qualudes or whatever (didn't do piano lessons myself) after just 6 days of us possessing a piano again after 2 1/2 years without, or reading a whole book in a couple of days and announcing you've equalled your record of 2009 (yes - the whole of), or inventing and designing a whole revolutionary make-up range that is actually spectacularly innovative, or completing 2 painfully time-munching sequin art thingies, or knocking up about 20 new sparkly danglies for the slightly baldish knitted Xmas tree thing for next year, or starting planning out your own magazine with your equally fizzy friends, or coaching Thuglet with his little computer game thing for hours on end and dressing him, bathing him and generally being a far better mother than I, and keeping up your new stretches and sit-ups regime etc etc ...........

You have now built your own ice-rink in the garden to practice your spins.

Aren't you glad you don't go to school?


  1. Waw after doing all that lot she should be happy.

    My nearly 6yo though moaned last night that she wanted to go to school as she missed her friends now!

  2. There's just no pleasing them when they keep changing all the rules is there?

    The most annoying thing is when you think you'll be fabulous with kids 'cos you can place yourself back in those days so easily (roundabout way of saying 'I still haven't grown up') and then they turn out to have entirely separate and different personalities of their own - I mean... how dare they!

    Then I remember that I make it a general rule to do the exact opposite to whatever MY mother says and so .......... Yeah. Shutting up.