Sunday, 5 March 2017

Am I Still Me?

Changing devices.  Or changing vices?

Identifying myself over and over again.

And again.

Driving myself nuts.  And everyone around me. 

Wish there was a simpler way of telling my mirror that I'm ME.  Still me.

Who's the tiredest in the land?

Fucking ME.

ZZzzzzz...   Still fucking me.

But here I am again.  Reinstalled Blogger on my new (acquired from silly old woman who shouldn't have bought it in the first place) tablet and found I didn't exist in my current state.  Had to find an old me.

Slightly worried about channelling this old me.  Could be trouble.

Well let's see.

I might revisit this old me a little more often and tap into some dangerous history.  I might learn sumfink.

Or I might end up smashing another device against a wall. 

I don't have the greatest relationship with Samsung devices.  This will be my third attempt. 

But it's free!!!

And that's wot my friend Mrs Wears-Her-Biscuit-On-Her-Sleeve would call bargainous.

I need to disable this spelchek.  I do not like being told wot to do.

One day I will return all proper like.  But for now I just wanted to see if I really did exist, albeit in a former self kind of way.

Yes I'll be back.  When I finish the yoo-know-wot.  I'm still plodding away.  Got over fourteen chapters now.

One day...

Bet you can't wait eh?

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