Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Wot Goes Around.....

....comes around.... like germs in a house with four blinkin' children. Having said, Minx manages to avoid most lurgy by staying in her bedroom away from flying snot, coming out only at night to feed.

I should try that.

Have decided that I'm not going to make any New Y's Ressies this year as I broke almost all of my last year's 48 or so within the first week. No - this year I'm not going to set myself up for grand failure - just keep pootling on with my low-level failures without remorse.

I'm not even going to promise myself to get back into blogging properly. It's like giving myself a big red button to not press. If I don't put it there, I can't sabotage myself. So I'm wishing for a non-achievey kind of new year, where fat, sugar and caffeine are still on the menu and growing up is still not a concept for discussion.

In terms of family life I shall remain as ever just the chauffeur with the car that doesn't work. That is my position in life and I am ever-moulding my lardy arse in the dent of complacency. Join me if you will. It's a delightfully undemanding place to view the world.

So I'll not raise my glass to the New Year particularly - that might momentarily halt the development of my bingo wings for badness's sake. I'll just keep on not keeping on in my own sweet and slightly insanitary way and wish you all a very whatever...

It's been real....

It's been an honour...

It's been....yeah...

Rock on mediocrity... I loves ya!


  1. Seems to me you're more organised than you give yourself credit for. Making New Year non-resolutions and it's not even Christmas yet. That's worth celebrating, don't you think? ;-)

  2. You have a point. See? An achievement already! I knew setting my goals very low was the key to a happy life... Bless you!!