Sunday, 25 September 2011

Eerie Radio Silence...

Been very quiet ain't I?

Not even had time to read any blogs of late and feel totally cut off from my beloved cyber world. Missing my therapy!!!

Wondering how to make time again to come back - tried clicking my heels three times - needed a plaster.

So.... plotting......

Fantasizing about brewing up some sleeping potions for members of my family so that I can find time again. Any friendly witches out there with some good recipes?

Hopefully will cook up a useable plan soon - even if just for the reading.

.... hmmmmmnnn....


  1. I'm still here waiting for your words of wit and wisdom...well, not sure about the wisdom bit, but you make me laugh anyway. So come on, woman, get the cauldron out.

  2. Cauldron - tick.
    Warts - tick.
    Cackle - tick.
    Magic - er.... bugger I knew I'd forgotten something...

  3. We witches think alike.... I too am bereft of time. Wish I was Samantha of Bewitched - I'd freeze the world with my nose, light a log fire and read some books. ..... Then I'd take the car into town and raid John Lewis, [bugger I'm middle-aged.... why didn't I want to raid DK or Victoria Secrets!!!? Tell you why, it's cold here in winter and JL sells good cotton undergarments and thermals also, those stores don't have a kitchen dept...] Rant over, (looks 'round bewildered) ....

  4. That's funneeee!!! I would like to raid a nice habadashers. Oh dear - I mean haberdashers.... Abbadabba? It's all gone a bit Debbie Reynolds in my poor abused cranium.... Screamin' abdabs! Now if I'd gone all Doris Day I'd be perfectly happy. She's got a new album out did you know? Have you heard her version of The Beach Boys' 'Disney Girls'? It's so fab - like she's singing her life story just to you... Oh gods what am I saying now? I'd better go and dig up some old deathpunkfilth to balance things out .... I couldn't even think of a real deathpunkfilth band name.... no hardcore credentials left.... Think I'll just go back to the bosom of Dolly and her sweet homespun life coaching.... I'll get me coat of many colours.....