Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Down and In

Madame doesn't appear to have anything to say for herself of late. Despite being very busy she can't think of anything to report. This doesn't usually stop her but she is floundering in a flappy unhappy way in an unremittingly boisterous mosh-pit. Having craved a day IN she is now in need of getting OUT. And will no doubt moan about that too. If she bothered to speak. Lots of fun been had over the last couple of weeks but it seems to have taken its toll on the energy levels so now we're currently cruising at the height of slug. Aspiring to the dizzies of moth she wearily raises her pink peepers a notch but it's all too damned exciting. Time to curl up in the soft folds of her puckered stomach and dribble droopily a tad longer. Hopefully things will perk up soon. She is bored with unperk. Probably just needs those bloody vitamins again. When she can be arsed to rejoin the human race she may just apologise for the lack of gumption displayed but for now...... thbleugghhhh............

Dammit I just spat on the keyboard.



  1. Oh God! I'd give my last gummy bear for a bit of gumption.

  2. I won't get out of bed for anything other than a white one. Do they do white ones? I'm thinking of midget gems..... Am hoping that unsupervised over-doses of mint chocolate creams might zap me into human shape. Keep on trying.......