Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Just Make Sure It's Got A Happy Ending

Get me! 2 blogs in one evening!! Yeah baby I'm on fire!!!

OK so I did drag my bleached orange peely-feely rear off the chair, threw things in the dosh-wisher, hurled more things in the moshing wash-in - no idea what went in what, but I pressed buttons and swirly noises hummed out = achievement enough. Stripey stuff got squirted on tufty things and poked in little gobs. 'If you don't open your mouth you won't get any sweets tomorrow' 'Mm-mmm' 'Or crisps' 'MM-MMM' 'How does a dinosaur go?' 'Raaaaah-ulp-uh-uh-og!' 'Good boy' And I even read stories with up-and-downy voice. 'Cos Ah'm a Wuman - W - O - M - A - N - let me say it again.....'

3 boys down and 1 girl to go.

Time to kick through a path to the settee, scrape off the Moon Sand, cover it in blankets just like the car in Pulp Fiction, boil the kettle and dip biscuits into Angel Delight in front of Sweet Charity with my little fellow girlie flick buddy. Proper parent/child interaction that is.

Cos Ah'm a W - O - M - yeah enough.

It was very nearly Bringing Up Baby, I was making the case for Thoroughly Modern Millie, but Shirl got the nod. We haven't watched it for ages. This time around there were a few more questions along the way. And a slightly thoughtful face at the ending. Now I love the ending. (If you're planning to watch it for the first time tonight look away now - I'm gonna spoil it.) I love the ending. She gets dumped at the Marriage Certificate Office by her dream man, she's left her job after 8 years with no obvious hope of finding another and is also now homeless. She rings her ex-flat/workmates in tears which they mistake for joy and which fills them with joy and hope, so she lets them keep believing she's 'made it' out of the crummy life they're still in and she spends the night sitting on her suitcase in Central Park. Dopey Flower Children wake her up in the morning with a big daisy - and off she goes again swinging her bag. Cue music....

Minx seemed slightly worried about her prospects. Kind and wise Mummy reassures her that she's better off without the boring old git in the suit, that sometimes you just can't get a new job until you've actually walked out of the old one and that her friends were holding her back anyway. Life lessons - sown from Hollywood, watered or trampled on by Mummy?

Is I a bad mutha, or is I a beacon of light to a blossoming W - O - M - A - N ?

Whatever. She went to bed and I finished off her Angel Delight. Who's singing now?

Sweet charity begins at home.........


  1. A post about musicals and Angel Delight. My idea of heaven, even with the sad (realistic?) ending.

  2. .....didn't she start of a hooooka?! You is a modern woooman.

    You think you're bad, but your not! Angel Delight has NO e-numbers!

  3. Aw Angel Delight...BUT it's gotta be butterscotch flavour, cos thats the BEST! It's about the only thing that still tastes the same now as it did during my childhood, and, unlike Wagon Wheels and Curly Wurlys, it hasn't shrunk.

    By the way, you just gotta write a column. Don't suppose I can recruit you for the home ed mag I'm supposed (ha ha) to be editing? News from the dosh-wisher perhaps? In your spare time of course (more hysterical laughter). I'd be prepared to creatively edit out the swear words...as long as there's something left afterwards.

  4. Amazing the reaction those 2 little words can garner - Angel Delight!

    T@MGT... - But is it a sad/realistic ending? I used to be all cross with him for being weak and running away and all sorry for her but now I find myself getting all cross with her for being so dappy and maybe he's just a catalyst for her to improve her life and at least he didn't pin her down and ruin her like he ended up fearing he would (before he scarpered) and .......... I think I ought to get a life.

    L - Well, a Dance Hall Hostess who has obviously ............. with the odd customer or two, but it's never spelled out as such - so I think I get away with it. For now.

    I'm startled at the news that there are no e-numbers. Did Margaret Thatcher really invent it or is that an urban myth? I obviously need to find badness in there somewhere to make it truly worthwhile.

    BMF - Yes butterscotch IS the only flavour. But last night we tried vanilla cos I'd picked one up in case I need to make a quick emergency trifle soon and can't be bothered to wait for custard to thicken and cool down etc, and as with all Just-in-Case ingredients, we ate it that day. It was OK. But I felt slightly cheated. I shall return my affections to butterscotch next time.

    Minx did utter a goodun last night when I asked her what she thought of Charity's mental dress at the end: 'Maybe she got it from a sweet charity shop' BOOM BOOM!

  5. Oh BMF - I LERVE the sound of a home ed mag column but am obviously very worried that there would indeed be very little left after obscenity editing. Still - always room for something else to fit in to my glittering life. Anything to avoid tidying the boys' bedroom....