Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Don't know what I'm doing......Got a blog........Blimey......

Suppose I'd better make some sort of opening statement.

Yeah it's another Home Educating type.



Ingrained insubordination my driving force.

Responsible mother of 4 sproglets. Oh yeah I did say responsible. Not like 'clever, even-handed, blissfully calm, wise' etc. It's more a case of...if something happens (like things do), then I respond. Therefore I am responsible.

Or is that reactionary? Who cares. I don't have any particular over-riding philosophy on life or education - I just sort of 'do it'.

Got a bit over-exited at even writing just this little gobbet. Going to quit while I'm ahead. Really just wanted to see if I really did exist on a Blog-thing. Sort of set this up by accident the other day and then couldn't find it again.

Found it now.


If I can find this again I'll elaborate. Introduce you to my mini-types. May even recruit help to put up pictures - blimey. Have to disguise them tho' - the helicopter's up there again. I'm sure they've sniffed us out. Bloody Home Edders. Integrating themselves into society. Where will it lead?

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